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    While women’s health issues can be very complex, Loida Arquizaquos extensive years in family healthcare gives her a large volume of experience to draw from. Her sensitive and compassionate approach to caring, matched with Innovative Primary Care of Lake Havasu's pleasant patient rooms make for a much more positive experience.

    We take care of teens or young adults needing routine gynecological care, young mothers with family planning needs, middle-aged women going through menopause, and seniors coping with chronic health issues.

    Treatment is available for many common medical needs specific to women:

    Annual Wellness Exam:
    • Pap exam
    • Breast exam
    • Diagnostic lab tests
    • Physical

    Birth Control:
    • Methods
    • Assistance with family planning

    Other common medical issues to women treated are:
    • Urinary Tract Infections
    • Migraine headaches
    • Hormone treatments
    • Acne and other hormonal skin rashes
    • Smoking cessation