Men's health issues are often overlooked in our fast-paced society.  With work pressures and time constraints, men often forego medical care for what appears to be more pressing issues. At Innovative Primary Care of Lake Havasu, LLC we offer convenient hours of operation designed to meet the needs of these busy individuals. This is a family practice with extended hours available on request.

    Our male patients rely on us to provide them "regular" medical services. This typically includes annual wellness exams, lab work and physicals. Depending on the age and the medical history of the patient, a variety of additional services may be advised including a prostate exam, EKG or testosterone level testing.

    Because we specialize in family practice, we treat a great variety of medical conditions. Many of these conditions are specific to the male population such as erectile dysfunction. Disorders can be managed effectively with proper medication, but, as is true for other medical issues, it's first important to rule out possible unknown medical conditions that may cause symptoms. This is often accomplished with a physical evaluation, assessment of the patients' medical history and appropriate lab work. Patients often report great improvement in symptoms with appropriate medication.

    Many area families rely on us because of our great service and staff. We also offer a fantastic location at 1945 Mesquite Ave. Suite B. and convenient hours of operation. Come by at your convenience and meet our friendly staff.

    Extended hours available upon request.