• New Primary Care Provider Loida Arquiza


    Your Advocate.

    With an established reputation in the community, Loida has strong ties to many top specialists. Patients at Innovative Primary Care of Lake Havasu, LLC experience the benefit of our staff becoming advocates for their unique needs in the medical world. Our relationship with specialists is often the key to ensuring a prompt patient referral.

    A Family Practice.

    Innovate Primary Care Clinic is a family practice. We can handle any type of care for your family and we are uniquely qualified to care for medical concerns in a wide variety of areas. Whether you are seeking help for long-term disease management, short-term illness, accidental injuries or need a physical, Loida and her team of experienced health professionals are able to care for you.

    Care and Compassion.

    The goal at Innovative Primary Care is to provide high quality healthcare to patients in Lake Havasu City with courtesy and convenience. You can expect an experienced and licensed provider, convenience, quality treatment, and friendly staff when you visit us. We believe that care and compassion is synonymous.